Okay Bulls is a collection of 10,000 diverse bulls building a bullish community ✌️

Bull It

story of the bulls
Insecure times create the strongest bulls.

When the whole world was being fudded and the bearish mindset takes over. When markets have collapsed and global recession is around the corner..

A brave movement sees no other option than to create 10,000 bulls to prevent the global economy from collapsing.

These bulls were created during the most bearish times and the skepticism of the public was blown way out of proportion. In their minds, there was no room for both bears and bulls to coexist during these rough times. But they forgot the most important thing.. there can be no bears without bulls, and there can be no bulls without bears.

The bulls persevered and pushed through all the doubt. They showed everyone that it can be done, but their way. There was never any blueprint, there was never any right way. This was web3. A place for the bulls to innovate and dominate.

Insecure times create the strongest bulls.


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